Security labels can come in many forms depending on the desired level of complexity. 

Tamper Evident Materials - 

The simplest form of security label is through tamper evident materials. These materials are manufactured to be tamper evident and destructible upon attempted removal. Other standard materials can also be utilized in ways to enhance their destructibility so that tampering will be noticeable to the product seller or end customer. 

Void Pattern Materials - 

Security labels can also be printed using void pattern materials. Void pattern materials are specifically engineered to leave behind a unique adhesive pattern to alert that the label has been removed or tampered with. Patterns can vary from checkerboard and "void" patterns to more complex custom patterns if necessary.

Custom Security Labels - 

The greatest level of security comes from a custom engineered construction where one or multiple security features are added, either overtly or covertly. These features can range from multi layer constructions, security ink formulations, to added security technologies that are unable to be replicated by potential counterfeiters.