We produce labels using materials from the most reputable manufacturers in the industry including Avery Dennison (Fasson), Spinnaker Coating, Green Bay Packaging, Acucote, MacTac, FLEXcon, UPM Raflatac, among others.

Below are some of the most popular materials among our customers:


Semigloss: Most common paper based material. Cost effective with a wide variety of uses.

Thermal Transfer: Used for thermal transfer printing in conjunction with a thermal ribbon. Used for various packaging and shipping labels.

Direct Thermal: Heat activated, non-thermal ribbon requiring, paper based material. Commonly used for shipping labels.

Matte Litho: Matte paper material. 

Day Glow / Fluorescent: Bright neon colored materials. Commonly used in warehouse applications for color coding. Available in Red, Chartreuse, Green, & Pink. 

Cover Up Material: Either semigloss , matte litho paper or thermal transfer material with opaque adhesive. Used when covering up misprinted packaging or labels. 


White BOPP: Most common film based material. Used for prime labels in health and beauty, personal care products, and any time when the product is subject to moisture. Recommended only for indoor use.

Clear BOPP: Commonly used on clear bottled products where you want to see through the label.  Higher end clear BOPPs are used to create a "no label look". 

Also commonly used for wafer seals.

Silver BOPP: Used standalone as a silver metallic material or printed to create a wide variety of metallic color effects. 

Polyester: Highly durable and tear resistant film material. Used for outdoor applications or when the label is subject to harsh environments and conditions. Commonly used to print industrial labels.

Vinyl: Flexible film material used for outdoor applications or when label conformity is desired. Commonly used for outdoor decals.